New quotes   

Part 1: adding to the automated rando footer

From the starting Squarespace page, go to SETTINGS



In the FOOTER section, you'll see all the other quotes. Eg:

myQs[11] = "Life is… the best thing that could have happened to us.~Phill, on acid";

Copy and paste the last line, and update the number (to whatever comes next), and the quote info:

myQs[X] = "New quote here.~Whoever said the quote";

Don't change any other punctuation!

Part 2: Adding to the Don't Quote Me On It blog

From the starting Squarespace page, go to PAGES


go to the Don't Quote Me On It blog


To keep everything consistent, I recommend, just copy+pasting from an existing quote blog, and updating the info. 

Automatically adding blog entries to Journal page

The current ones should all be good to go. Anything posted to the Amazon blog will add themselves to the journal page automatically.


When you start your next section, you can choose and filter what displays in 2 parts:


choose eg Amazon Expedition and it will show everything added to that blog.

Filter by category 

If you don't want EVERYTHING that you add to a particular blog to show up, then you can filter it by categories. This is another tab in the settings of the 'summary carousel'. You have to remember to add the right categories to each blog as you create it, but it does give a good amount of control.

Using the category filter is how the entries from 'Travelling Wilbury' and 'Journey 02' are kept separate, even though they're all from the same blog.