Dear all,

Apologies that it may have been a while since our last news reached you — we have been thwarted by poor satellite signal (coupled no doubt with some mild technophobia) on our many attempts over the last few days.

However at least this means we can bring you some actual news now!

1) the wind continues to blow, albeit variably, in broadly the right direction so we have been sailing away with different combinations of poled out genoa, mainsail only, or goosewinged with genoa and main for the last few days, in a broadly westerly direction

2) we reached the 2,000 miles to go mark yesterday (complete with celebratory lunchtime beer!) and today we believe we are roughly a third of the way into our crossing

3) if you imagine us to be perpetually sunning ourselves on the deck, think again, yesterday it rain torrentially for upwards of 14 hours, so everything (including ourselves) got very damp! Luckily we have had a little respite this morning to enable a quick dry out, but the front we are skirting is sending us a few weather troughs and the clouds on the horizon are currently promising some more rain later. (Personally I blame navigator Swash for choosing this ‘faster’ route)

4) Luckily spirits were lifted considerably during yesterday’s downpour by John catching not one, but TWO fish! The first one got away (reports were that it was gargantuan) but the second was safely landed — 6 pounds of Mahi Mahi! We ate like kings last night. Perhaps even more surprising was that John even cooked it — a delicious taste sensation seasoned with lemons, garlic and herbs!

5) In the background, we continue to be plagued by slight mechanical issues — the alternator is not charging as well as it should, which means we are forced to conserve power everyday by not running the fridge too much or using the autopilot. Luckily our resident mechanic Wilbur is working around the clock to diagnose the problem, we are sure he is close to cracking it and when he does no-one will be more popular on board!

We will continue to keep you posted and hope everyone is well — do let us know this is received as it is hard to tell whether we are successful or not with the ever fickle satellite phone.

Much love to all,

Team Minerva