Dear all,

Despite our hope for wind we spent most of yesterday becalmed which was not predicted .... we did motor for a bit but as we have only 240 litres of fuel were sparing with it.

Our consolation was a few visits from dolphins playing “chicken” around the bow and another group of about 50 who were showing off their jumping techniques. Wonderful!  Also saw a turtle lazing along.

We sent Wilbur up the forestay to secure more batons in the Genoa and then to the top of the mast to adjust the tricolour light. He seemed very happy about it all.

The wind picked up at dusk and then freshened about midnight and we are now rollicking along on a broad reach at about 8 knots in a westerly direction SW of the Canaries with 2 reefs in the main.

After the first night we have seen very few yachts — a few ships but none close.  And so far haven’t caught any fish but did almost bag a seagull ...

Team Minerva