Dear all,

Well after an inauspicious start (due to Henry and Wilbur heroically having to save some genoa battens!) Minerva made good progress during the afternoon of the first day of the rally — clearly very happy to be off at last and overtaking many boats that were flying spinnakers and kites with just her main and headsail up! Sadly the wind has dropped off completely overnight and we are now flapping around a bit and waiting for it to fill in again. However the most excellent news is we have already had our first dolphin sighting — at least 15 of them playing around our bow at 8.30am this morning, such an uplifting sight!

We will go hunting for more wind this afternoon, hopefully aided by a weather update, as we must of course conserve our diesel. Sea fishing conditions certainly not ideal at current boat speed of 0.5 knots, and Wolfie (Wilbur’s cuddly friend and our 6th crew member) has retreated to the hammock in somewhat of a funk. So pray for more wind for us please, otherwise Libby might have to resort to a wind dance, and no one wants that.

Sending all our love,

John, Henry, Fiona, Libby, Wilbur (and Wolfie)