Hey Mum,

So this leisurely sail across the ocean has turned into quite the adventure; as you may have heard, our mast fell off. Oops. All is good though, we are getting plenty of support from the other yachts in the rally who have met up with us to give fuel and chocolate. The plan is to continue towards Saint Lucia under engine until we get a jury rig set up, which will be tomorrow's task. We're heading south now to get into the thick of the trade winds which will hopefully fill the sails of our jury rig and push us the rest of the way home. Looks like the whole ordeal has added a few extra days to our journey though so we are on quite strict food and water rations to see us through till the sight of land again. At this stage were looking at another 15 days at sea, add that to the 11 days already afloat and it’s going to be close to a month on the big blue wet thing. That first land shower is going to be sooooooo good. (Original goal was 18-20 days at sea)

So yeah I’m sure getting my hunger for adventure satisfied on this crazy journey.

My crew is good and the weather is nice so it's no worries to be out here a little longer. Saw the most amazing sun and moon set this evening. Tiny fingernail moon followed the sun below the horizon as I paddled a little dinghy full of jerry cans, pretty much in the centre of the ocean, back from a supporting yacht to refuel our own. It was a special moment, I doubt I’ll ever experience anything like it again.

Anyways.... better get some rest. My night shift starts in a couple hours.

love you mumsie and I have some great photos for ya when I get home.

love you heaps