Hey Mumsies, how’s it going?

I’m good. I just arrived in Martinique after hitching a yacht from St Lucia. The lift was with an Italian couple who were delivering their boat here for charter, which means I can’t stay on that boat and I’m back on the docks looking for a crew.

Island hopping is sooo much fun. I feel like such a pirate :D Basically I just hang out around the marina making friends with the different crews, find out who is sailing where and if they are willing to have me aboard. I won’t lie to ya mumsie… most of the networking happens at the pub over a coupla rums. The local sailor bars are a wealth of nautical information; they are great places to meet crews — especially those who have just come in from sea and the old sailors love to talk about which way the winds are blowing this time of year, which boats will be catching ‘em and, of course, plenty of tall tales of the high seas.

Boat hitching is very different to hitching overland. Apart from the obvious fact that one’s with a car and the other’s with a boat, I’d say the major difference is what I’ve had to offer in exchange for the free ride. A couple of good stories and a funky playlist, which can easily get me a few hundred km down the road, won’t quite cut it when asking for a lift that will last days or even weeks at sea. For a captain to sign me on to his crew, I gotta be worth taking on board. Knowing how to sail is always good when ya trying to hitch a yacht, but as I’m not an experienced sailor, I’ve had to dig into the old bag of skills to get me a place on deck.  It’s mostly been my mechanical knowledge that’s been getting me lifts, but having the right attitude and being easy to get along with is THE most important thing you need to join a crew… Lucky you helped raised such a loveable little cunt… 

But yeah, Martinique is nice. It’s a French island and a part of the EU so not considered ‘Real Caribbean’ by the independent islands around, mostly because it’s wealthy and white. So yeah, I’m back in Europe... But unlike the continent of Europe, the beaches here are beautiful, the weather is sunny and the French are willing to speak English.

You would love it here mums, it’s so fucking Français. Everyone is walking around in stripy shirts and eating croissants like “Salut monsieur”. One day I’ll fly you out here so we can be island pirates together :) 

At the moment though I'm broke as fuck, still living day by day in the coin department. It’s not easy being on the street and out of cash on the other side of the world from home, but I’m loving the challenge. Since I hit $0 a couple of weeks ago I’ve managed to stash US$200 in the treasure chest. The plan is to use that to hitch up to Antigua, in the north. Apparently that’s where all the big boats are and the place to pick up some paid crew work, which is the goal at the moment... just need to get on a boat.

Okay mums, the sun has just passed over the yardarm; time to go to the office, hit up a few rums and find me a crew! 

Love you ma



Life is… the best thing that could have happened to us.
— Phill, on acid.
Gulia and Luigi- Italian couple who picked me up in St Lucia.

Gulia and Luigi- Italian couple who picked me up in St Lucia.