Hey yo family and friends, what´s going on?

It´s been a while since I´ve cluttered your inbox with stories of mindless rambling and tales of high adventure. So much has happened in the past year; It’s been a pretty wild journey…. I´m not really sure where to start… basically I´ve been running amok; fence jumping parties, hitching far and wide; discovering new cultures and not finding reasons to cut my hair and get a real job.

Right now I’m on a beach in St Lucia, Caribbean, lying in a hammock strung between 2 palms. The sun is setting and I just spent my last 3 bucks on a beer.  I’m not really sure how I got here… Two months ago I was on the south coast of Spain trying to hitch a yacht to Morocco… and somehow I found myself in Carib, drinking my last dollar and hatching schemes to pirate my way around the Islands.

The journey across the Atlantic was such an epic adventure! 3400+ nautical miles, 28 days at sea, race boats, super yachts, a mid-Atlantic dismasting and a square sail jury rig flying the Jolly Roger... Shit got a bit out of control…just the way I like it! Hehe :)

Um so yeah, turns out I love sailing. Holy shit, it’s so fucking bad arse! It’s just you and your crew up against the elements. Imagine a thousand miles of water between you and any land, a storm’s just come in and is ripping the shit out of your sails, the high seas are smashing your boat and sending everything flying around, you haven’t slept properly in days/weeks(?) but you gotta take control of that shit or mother fuckers are gunna die… It’s so beautiful.

But yeah it takes it out of ya, time to chill out for a while. I’ll just be taking it easy on the beach for the foreseeable future. Gunna hustle up a few buckas after this beer, get some food for my belly and find some place to crash for the night. YOLO

I’m not really sure where to go from here, I just want to sail. The plan is to pirate together a few coins and put that towards getting on a boat. Doesn’t matter where I go… I'll let the winds guide me… we’ll see what crazy adventures I can get myself into :)

Thanks to everyone who has sent me mail. Sorry I haven’t replied. I want to start writing to you again and so will send some stories of my pirating adventures around the Caribbean...

Anywho, I better get back to it. All this tropical island paradise treasure isn't going to discover itself.

Whatever you guys are up to, I hope you´re having fun. Have a happy Christmas and new years! Smash an extra couple of beers for me in my absence.  

Love you Mum! Sorry I’ll miss Christmas again :(

Love you Dad! Hope you're good :)


"Taking life one rum at a time."

— Wilby

Special thanks to Emanja for this awesome photo!! :D Check out her work on Facey