Just a quick update on my latest pirating venture.

I walked around the trucking yard trying to find a lift aboard the ferry but none of the truck drivers spoke English or seemed willing to help. Finally I found a trucky who spoke basic English and explained that I had no money and wanted to get across the sea. He told me to speak with the manager of the ticket sales office and pointed him out to me. I explained to him my situation and was then directed to the port police station. I walked in there with my big backpack, skateboard under arm, and again explained my position. The Sergeant said he couldn't help but took me through the station to the border police office where I told them all my hopes and dreams. They asked me a few questions — like where are you from, where are you going — then called the owner of the shipping company to come meet me. I explained to the big boss that I'd been hitching around Europe for the past 5 months and really wanted to see Turkey. He liked the story and agreed to take me aboard for no fee. From there I got a stamp in my passport and an escort to the ship where I was introduced to the captain and told to speak with him if I had any problems. I thanked them all very much and climbed aboard as they waved and wished me luck on my journey.

"Hitching a sea liner? No wukkas mate!"