After a well needed rest at Smiley's place in the south of Germany, I got back on the road. From Nuremberg I got a great lift all the way to Dusseldorf, 450 km away. WOOO that's the longest lift I've got in Europe so far. The bloke that picked me up was cool. He was a pretty straight city fella. When I jumped in the car he asked me to promise him that I wouldn't mug/rape him. I just stared at him creepily and said slowly, "I can't promise that mate". We had a great chat on the long drive, he was telling me that he'd never picked up a hitchhiker before. The only reason he did pick me up was because he'd met this lady the day before who asked him when was the last time he'd done something nice for a stranger. After a long hard think he realised he couldn't remember the last time he'd committed a random act of kindness. So when he saw me chillin' with my bag and cardboard sign at the rest stop he decided to give it a go. I told him that it was my pleasure to break his hitchhiking hymen and that I would be gentle. We ended up getting along so well that once we arrived in Dusseldorf where he lived, he bought me dinner and hosted me at his place for the night (also the first time hosting a stranger at his place). The next morning I congratulated him on being so kind to a traveller and encouraged him to do more helpful acts to strangers. He was pretty chuffed about it and I was glad to give a good experience with picking up hitchers and hosting strangers. I think I will be the first of many strangers he will help.

As I travel I depend heavily on the kindness of strangers, so I always make an effort to be kind and helpful to everyone that I meet. If I have the time and energy to help someone in need, I will. If I have an excess of something that someone has a shortage of, I will share it with them. I truly believe that the type of energy that we put into our reality is what we get back. Or another way to look at it could be that acting in a certain way will create a path for that type of energy to flow through your life. If you create loving, giving, helpful energy in your life and push it out towards others then you will create space for the same energy to flow into your life. Once you get some of it back then take a bit and pass it on. For example, a bloke picked me up hitching and gave me 10€ to buy lunch when he dropped me off. I bought a bunch of food, ate until I was full then gave the rest away to a hungry homeless guy. I like to let things flow to where they need to go. When someone is in need I share with them, and when I'm in need, someone aways seems to share with me. I really make an effort to create and facilitate the flow of positive energy everywhere I go, and I believe this behaviour affects my physical reality, attracting good energy and people into my life. I see it happening every day, everywhere I go. Now, I am aware of my mental health and the possibility that it's all a big trick, that my mind is making connections between things that are unrelated because I'm looking for them. But it just makes me so happy to believe it's real, and we gotta believe in something right? So why not? Is it awareness or delusion? You decide... 

Later that day I crossed the border into Holland and was dropped off at a servo. It wasn't long until I got picked up by a couple of young Dutch guys. They said they were heading to a town 10 km up the road and could drop me off at the next rest stop. I usually try getting longer lifts but they seemed like fun guys so I decided to jump in. We cruised up the highway and into the town. I was happy to hang out for a while and have a little break from being on the road. They picked up one of their mates in town then we just sat on the side of the road talking heaps of shit. One of 'em rolled a big joint and we all got pretty blazed. (I try to avoid getting stoned when there's hitchin' to be done, but when in Rome...). After a couple hours of chillin' we got back on the road. The guys had a look on the map only to find out that the only good spot to hitch from for ages was the rest stop they picked me up from. So we ended up going back and they dropped me off at the same spot they picked me up from. That's never happened to me before. I got a 2-hour guided tour around the countryside with complimentary joints before returning to the start point. "Welcome to Holland," I thought. In 20 minutes I got a lift from some other young guys who had a box of beer, which they fed to me until we reached the town next to my destination, Leeuwarden. I was half cut when they dropped me off and waved me goodbye. I found my way to a pub and ordered more beer then hung out drinking and talking shit to all the locals until I found a host for the night.

The next day I missioned the rest of the way to the festival site just out of Leeuwarden. After a little recon mission I found a gap in the fence which I was able to slip through undetected. Nearly as soon as I got in I bumped into the crew that I camped with at Lost Theory. They showed me to the new campsite and the party continued! Psy-Fi was lots of fun despite bad weather, delays in set times and late night noise restrictions (a dance party with no bass isn't a dance party, come on guys). I had so much fun trolling around being a psy-pirate. I could write pages upon pages of all the awesome, fun, trippy stuff that went on but it wouldn't convey the true feeling of the event. If any of you haven't been to a psychedelic trance festival, do yaselves a favour and go to one as soon as possible. You won't regret it.

At the festival I made friends with a really fun Dutch crew. We all partied together for a few days and had lots of fun. So much hugging, dancing and laughing. They all lived in Amsterdam and after the festival a couple of the girls in the group invited me to stay with them at their place just outside of the centre. It was really great to be hosted by some locals here as I usually try to avoid big touristy areas. I've been here over a week now, much longer than I expected to stay. The girls have been taking me out to all the good spots that the tourists don't go to, which has been great because I've got to see a side of Amsterdam that a lot of travellers don't see. The local scene here is really great, Dutch people are so friendly and have a similar sense of humour to Australians, so I've been fitting in nicely. I had the idea that I wouldn't like it here because of all the tourists getting on the drugs and being crazy, and the centre being like that, but somehow I found my way through all the bullshit and landed myself in a great little family of legends.

I found out about the local skate bowl and went to check it out. When I arrived I bumped into an Italian bloke named Guido who I used to skate with in Melbourne. It was great to see a familiar face. We caught up on old times and had a fun skate together until it started to rain. Guido invited me to join him at a coffee shop in the centre to get out of the weather, and after a week of being in Amsterdam I figured it was time to experience the city. He took me to a little coffee shop that had a fun vibe. Hiphop beats played over the speakers and the walls were covered in stickers and graffiti. Guido grabbed a 2-foot glass bong from behind the counter and sat me down for one of the strongest cones I've ever had. My tolerance to pot is pretty low as I haven't been smoking much so one cone of some chronic hydro mixed with hash sent me through the roof. All I could do for the rest of the day was eat heaps of junkfood and try to not fall off my chair. I had a good time and the coffee shop was cool. Everyone is stoned, friendly, and super chilled. You can sit down anywhere and instantly make friends 'cause everyone has the same thing in common: they want to relax, be happy and share good times.

So I got to experience that side of the Dam as well. It was pretty fun but not sustainable. I spent soo much money on munchies it wasn't funny. I'm glad that my hosts don't smoke, I couldn't do it if I was staying with a bunch of stoners. The weed here is so strong, you'd start losing days pretty quickly if you got high all the time.

After nearly weeks in Holland it's time to move on. I've had such a great time here it's going to be hard to leave, but adventure is calling me, and when adventure calls, Wilby follows. I'm getting myself ready for my next mission, Berlin via Hamburg. I hear it's an easy hitch from here to there so I'll be able to ease myself back into life on the road after getting so used to the comforts of city life. 


"If your life is filled with selfishness and greed, then you will never have enough. If you fill your life with compassion and care, then everyone will always have enough". — Wilby