So much has happened since the last email it's hard to know where to start...

I spent a week in Riga exploring the city. Found a few good skate parks/spots, went troll hunting in an inner city abando and made some friends with locals at the pub. Some of these locals were organising a festival called playground on the weekend. We got along well so they invited me to come to the party and gave me a free ticket. Cheering.

Playground was awesome! It was a 3 day extreme sports festival with go-carting, cable boarding, skate/long boarding even a snow machine on the hill to go snow boarding! There was live music and heaps of activities, games and toys. The vibe here was great! Every one was running around like they were 12 years old jumping on the trampoline and shooting potato cannons. YAY!

From Playground, I started hitching to Lithuania. I've found hitching in Europe to be a bit harder than in Australia. Firstly, not everyone speaks English so there is a lot of pointing at maps and nervous drives hoping they are taking you where you want to go. A few times cars have pulled over and the driver has spoken Russian to me; when I reply in English they shut the door and drive off. Bloody Russians. Secondly, cities and towns are closer together here so most lifts are only for 20 to 100 km so it can take all day to get a few hundred kays up the road.

I have been having lots of fun on my trip, but there are always ups and downs. I've spent many hours by the side of the road juggling stones, talking to myself and swearing at cars that don't stop for me. Some times i wonder what the fuck I'm doing in the middle of nowhere on the other side of the world from home. Hours of head miles, thinking about all sorts of crazy thoughts, pondering the mysteries of the universe and entertaining my delusion. With no one around to pull me up I can get pretty deep into my mind. It's pretty fun! And mentally exhausting.

As I'm sure you all know, I'm a bit of a tripper/space cadet. I love to wonder about life, the universe and the thing that is all things (if there is such a thing). I'm learning more every day about myself and how my thoughts and actions affect the world around me. I'm not sure if i'm getting wiser or slowly losing my shit, or if there is even a difference between the two, but I feel like there is some connection between me (and all humans) and the outside world that goes beyond the physical. I know this is a touchy subject with some controversy. Some people would tell me that i'm conscious of the flow of the universe while others would tell me I'm delusional schizophrenic. I guess no one knows for sure and it's our privilege as humans to decide for ourselves. I still haven't decided which one is me, but for now i'm having fun exploring my thoughts and as long as I don't hurt anyone and am still able to connect with the people around me, I see no harm done.

If any one has any ideas/thoughts on the topic I'd love to hear it.

Anyway... after the slow times things always pick back up. I finally arrived in Kaunas in Lithuania and got dropped off right in front of a 12 story unfinished soviet hotel. YEWWW!!! Had a mad time troll hunting in this mammoth abando and, to my delight, finally found one! (see pics on flickr)

Spent the next week in Lithuania in Kaunas, Vilnius and Trakai. Making friends, finding skate spots and drinking local beers. I met a french backpacker named Yoann in Vilnius who was heading to Poland by bus. He ended up missing his bus so i convinced him to join me on my hitching mission. We travelled together for the next 4 days on the road to Warsaw. Joann was heaps of fun and it was nice to have someone to talk to on the long hours by the road. Once we arrived in Warsaw we went our separate ways.

Warsaw is cool. It was the first major capital city I got to. I made some friends who drew me a map to a squat in the centre of the city. I rocked up and was given a room. The squat was well set up with electricity, hot water, band room, kitchen and of course, a bar. I asked around about skate parks and was informed that there was a DIY park nearby. This park was pretty awesome. There was a sweet bowl with pool coping, ramps, rails and ledges all built by locals hidden away under a bridge in town. Pretty gnarly.

I only spent 3 days in Warsaw. I would have liked to have done more exploring but i had to prepare myself for the next leg of the journey... Ukraine.

Hope you are all having a good one.

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