Love a good adventure?

Be inspired by these full-time sick cunts, who flipped the bird to their 9 to 5 and set off on a life of adventure.



Crazy German dude, loves a good hitch hiking epic. Flo was one of the first real bad ass travelers I met on my journey - back in the early days, and my inspiration to start hitching long distance. He loves hitching so much that he built a website about it. Hitchlog is a compilation of stories and statistics from the side of the road that range from dreamy to nightmarish. Check out Flo´s 27,000km of logged hitching missions as well as thousands of other stories from road sides around the world…and who knows? Maybe start logging your own hitch hiking journey…



I met James in Paris, in the shade of the Eifel town as it blocked out the afternoon sun. Wolfy and I were most of the way through a bottle of rum, ruining holiday photos and scaring the children, when James walks up like "Hey dude, do you guys have any hash?" James was discovering Europe on his BMX, hitting ledges, smoking hash joints and making mini-series about it. Watch him not give away any fucks on his two wheeled adventure through Spain, in the webisode series ‘No hablo español’, as well as heaps of other mad free style clips of sick cunts shreddin’ streets and bowls around the world.

Orfi crew

Orfin Crew

Ever wondered what is like to be a Caribbean gypsy hippie pirate? Well, this crew of legends have made that dream a reality. After reserecting sail vessel Orfin in a Panamanian boat yard, the crew now gypsies their way around the seas being awesome, teaching sailing and connecting alternative communities around the world. Find out more about their cause, get involved with their projects and even join up with a crew of your own at Weigh the anchor me 'arties! Adventure awaits!