What’s cracking guys?


Well, the raft is really coming together :D I’ve been having heaps of fun playing around with the design and construction… and although I’ve never built a raft before, I have the feeling it’s going to work X)


I’ve finished putting together the table/kitchen/storage space in the middle, and have acquired some waterproof barrels for the stuff that needs to stay dry. Next I will rig up the roof supports and find a canvas to throw over the top, and then it’s ready to go on the water. There will be a little moment of truth when that happens...maybe it just sinks to the bottom haha.


So yeah, I’m having fun… and understanding more how to engage with the locals of Misaulalli. It’s another world here and although I’ll never completely fit in, I’m learning to get along with everyone… One way I’m getting along better with locals is by not working with them, haha… Fuck it’s frustrating :I I’m in the jungle now: There is not such a high level of technical craftsmanship; a lot of them just hit stuff with rocks and swing their machetes until the job is just good enough to work…  And well, I'm preferring to work with a different style…


I’ve had some travelers from Europe and North America come down to help with the build, as they pass through the area, and I gotta say, it’s refreshing to have some slightly more cultured people around. One guy from Canada helped me to lay the deck; he was measuring everything with a straight edge and making all these calculations and shit. I was like “relax dude, we're not building a spaceship, you can just measure it by eye”.


Then he goes “But I aim for perfection in my work.”


I took a couple of steps backwards and nearly fell on my arse. Fuck!  I hadn’t seen work ethic like that in a while… So I said “Alright, alright. Excuse me sir, please continue. You’re welcome to work on my boat whenever you like.” Cheers for the help Dags :D The deck looks great!!


So yeah, everything is cool with the raft. It’s coming together slowly, but I’m happy with it, and am enjoying my time here. It is a bit lonely though… If I ever do anything like this again, I’ll do it with friends from the start; it’s really too much work to do for one person. Sometimes I just fall asleep without realising ay, haha. I am pushing myself a bit to get this built before Christmas and sometimes my body is just like “fuck you dude, I’m out” – then I regain consciousness an undefined amount of time later, trying to remember who I am and why I'm building a raft… I guess I should be drinking more water XD


So, with the raft building mostly under control, I’ve had the time to think more about crew. I've got a couple of friends interested in joining the adventure, but there is a lot to consider and it's too soon to make solid plans. I'm not really sure when the raft will be ready and they're unsure about when they can be here... It's all a little unclear now, but I'm trusting that it's all going to fall into place and work out magically...


And that's how I've got to work with this project. I'm trying to find the balance between making plans and just letting things happen. It's a bit of an art... Too much control and the natural flow stops, not enough direction and we don't go anywhere...


We'll see how it goes ;)


Alright, I’m off to not try so hard to make things happen :P


Big love


"Let it be and it will happen"

— Wilby

Sahsi girl being cute while Im trying to work

Sahsi girl being cute while Im trying to work